May 9 – Landscape

Do you see the forest first, or the trees?

I see buildings, cars, and trees, in that order. It is night time at the moment, so I can also see the city lights and it is past 9 p.m on a Saturday night.

On a usual Saturday night, I would sit on my balcony and listen to the music that’s played in the plaza downstairs. But, because of COVID-19, that is not happening anymore. There isn’t any more music or people walking around the plaza. It has gotten really lonely.

Gazing out my window, I can also see a clear night sky with no stars. Light pollution, right? The only good thing about light pollution is that it somehow reflects on the number of people that live in this city, and the many that are staying at home on a Saturday night. We can only thank quarantine for that. I see a traffic light with a couple of cars waiting for the light to change. Aren’t these people supposed to be at home? Are they front-line workers? I wonder…

I see a bus that didn’t stop, I guess nobody was at the bus stop and the light had already changed to green. Coffee shops and restaurants are all closed. How come there is a parking enforcement vehicle parked in the corner? There shouldn’t be any cars parked in the plaza for them to give tickets too.  Very strange…

And with my gaze back indoors, I look at my computer screen realizing I’ve already written too much and my phone is blinking with notifications. I should probably check it. Funny enough, one of the notifications is from Netflix advising on what I should watch tonight.

Looking at the couch now…Thank you, Netflix, for understanding my moods.


My inspiration today comes from the writing prompts guide.

Day 23 – Note

Dear diary,

I feel like today has been a very long but productive day. I went for a run for the first time in like a month. It was a really cold morning and I felt like coming back to my warm bed. However, I completed a 30 min run and felt amazing after. I was feeling energetic and ready for my workday.

Work, on the other hand, was disastrous. There were so many things happening at the same time and I didn’t know where to start. Instant messages and emails kept coming in almost simultaneously, I thought I was going to go crazy!!!  Aside from that, my calendar was full of back to back meetings, which, fortunately, a couple of them were canceled.

On a good note though, I did finish what I was set up to do today work-wise, had a delicious lunch accompanied by a shot of rum, only to get back to more work emails. I have to admit I was feeling a bit stressed this afternoon, which is something I don’t really suffer from. It could be because different things were being thrown at me from different sources, which is not unusual. Not sure what was different today, to be honest.

Anyways, work was done and I played video games for a while. That helped me relax a little bit and made me forget about work. I cooked dinner and after that, I watched a couple of episodes of RuPaul Drag’s Race on Netflix because, why not? And now, well .. Here I am, writing whatever is popping into my mind.

And even though my day is far from over, I am glad of the ups and downs of today. Those feelings brought to me a sense of normal, which at the end of the day is what we all want, life to get back to normal … unless, of course, this is the new normal. #Quarantinemood


Day 14 – Book

Today I learned what a book-spine poem was..

At first, I wanted to gather all the books I’ve recently read and pile them together. But then I thought, why not just snap a picture of the ones that are already on my bed-side table. And so that’s what I did.

These are the books that I am currently reading. And if you are wondering -yes, I do go back and forth between different books at the same time. Is that weird? Please, someone, tell me I’m not alone in this.. 


It’s like hitting pause while watching Netflix when you need to use the washroom or grab another drink. I do the same with books. I read a chapter, take a break, read another chapter from a different book and so on. I sometimes read two chapters from the same book, but you get the point. 

I honestly don’t know why I do this, even though I know how and when it started.

Peterborough, ON – that’s where I attended University. It all started because I didn’t want to stop reading the books that I read for pleasure only because I had to go through different readings to complete my assignments. So, I guess for me, this was a way of balancing school work and reading for pleasure.

Interestingly enough, I have made it a habit.


Momento de Desestresarse.

Para mi este ha sido un lugar que he aprendido a querer y a disfrutar durante mi adultez.

A veces hay momentos en los que estoy perezosa y podría tener cualquier excusa para no ir, pero al final del día siempre me siento mal y siento remordimiento por no haber ido. Aquí me puedo sentir muy bien, pero cansada al mismo tiempo. Y, aun así, me gusta seguir yendo al gimnasio. Una vez que comienzo a ejercitarme y comienzo a enfocarme en cuanto estoy sudando en realidad, me olvido de lo que paso durante el día o de lo que esta por pasar.

Hace un par de días, estaba un poco estresada del trabajo y en lo que llego la hora, simplemente cerré mi computadora y me fui corriendo al gimnasio. Ya estando en el gym, me cambio de ropa y lo primero que hice fue abrir Spotify, la aplicación de música. Ya cuando me coloque los audífonos, me olvide de mi estrés del trabajo y me enfoque en los ejercicios del día. ¿Me tocaba hacer piernas? Eso no lo recuerdo. Pero de lo que si me acuerdo es que me olvidé del trabajo, comencé a escuchar música y a ejercitarme.

También me paso otro día, estaba aburrida en casa y un poco ocupada. Era domingo. En realidad, no estaba ocupada, pero sentía que tenía muchas cosas rondando en mi cabeza, y fue entonces cuando decidí ir al gym. ¿Quién iba a pensar que yo estaría en un gimnasio un domingo? Una de las razones por las cuales estaba preocupada ese día, era porque no tenía tema para mi blog. Pero una vez que terminé de ejercitarme, me di cuenta de que en realidad tenía era que escribir sobre mi disfrute por ir al gimnasio. Bueno, mis amigos también me animaron y me dijeron que debería escribir sobre mis idas al gimnasio. Así que pues, aquí estoy.

foto for gym blog edited
La selfie en el gym. No puede faltar.

¡No se preocupen! Que no soy un fitness workaholic. Simplemente me gusta, disfruto hacer ejercicio y es bueno para mi salud también. Además de todo eso, tiene un efecto positivo en mí, físico y psicológicamente.

Algunos de ustedes leerán esto y se reirán. Pero es que en realidad no los estoy mandando a que vayan al gym ¿o sí? Es que no soy de esas personas, y para los que me conocen, saben que es verdad. Si te gusta bien, puedes venir conmigo. Y si no, bueno, no importa. Hay personas que son más perezosas que otras o en realidad no les interesa ir a un gimnasio. Y es que en realidad hay muchas maneras de estar activo. Como, por ejemplo, montar en bicicleta, o sencillamente salir a caminar. Y eso está bien también. Con tal de que nos levantemos del sofa y nos alejemos de Netflix, no creo que pase nada malo.

Hablando de Netflix, ¿sabían que pueden descargar episodios individuales y mirarlos mientras están en el gym? No se necesita wifi porque ya estaría guardado en tu teléfono. No es que yo lo haga, pero si he visto gente haciéndolo.

¿y a ustedes? ¿les gusta ir al gimnasio o hacen otro tipo de actividad?

¿Miran Netflix durante su tiempo libre? O sencillamente ¿escuchan música? Como por ejemplo, J Balvin.

Déjenmelo saber en los comentarios.


Time to De-stress…

This is a place I have come to love and to enjoy every time I go there.

Yes, sometimes I am just lazy and make any excuse to not attend, but at the end of the day, I will feel bad and guilty because I didn’t go. Other than making me feel good and tired at the same time, I enjoy going to the gym. It is a place for me to think and to disconnect from reality, at least for a little bit. Once you are working out and focusing on your muscles or how much you are sweating, you tend to forget about what happened during your day or even what will happen later in your day.

A couple of days ago, I was very stressed at work. I shut down my computer and headed straight to the gym. I was so worried because I thought I screwed up. Once I reached the gym, changed into my work out clothes and opened Spotify, I completely forgot about the whole issue and started to wonder about my workout for the day. Was it leg day? That, I don’t remember. But what I do remember is that I completely forgot about work and started to think about which music I wanted to listen to.

On a different day, I was feeling bored at home and headed straight to the gym. It was a Sunday. I never thought I was going to go to the gym on a Sunday afternoon. I was not stressed about work, but I felt very busy in my head and needed a break. I was feeling overwhelmed for some reason. I remembered worrying about not having a topic to write about. Once I finished working out that Sunday, it came to me. I needed to write about working out. Also, some of my friends commented and told me, “you should write about the gym next time”. So here I am.

foto for gym blog edited
Gym selfie. Can’t miss it.

Don’t worry! I am not a fitness workaholic! I like working out, I enjoy it and it is good for my health. But other than that, I like the way it affects me psychologically and physically.

Probably some of you will read this and smile or even laugh out loud. But I am not trying to tell you or ask you to get your butt to the gym. [Maybe I am]. I am not one of those people. If you like it, cool – join me. If you don’t, then that’s fine too. Some people are lazier than others, or really don’t have any interest in attending a gym. There are also other activities that can be done instead of going to a physical gym. For example, riding a bike in the park or going for a walk. And that is ok too, as long as we stay active, and away from Netflix. At least for forty-five minutes during the day.

Speaking of Netflix, you can download the episode of whatever show you are watching and stream it while you are on the treadmill!! Did you know that? 

What about you? Do you attend a gym or stay active in any other way?

Do you stream your favorite show while on the treadmill? [for those attending the gym]. Or just listen to your favourite musician, such as J. Balvin?