A Delish Fish Dish

On Saturday afternoon I decided to take a drive and ended up at La Bella Managua. This restaurant has one of the best fried fish in Toronto. Once I got a table, I immediately asked the waiter for the fish of the day. He said that it was Robalo. I did not think twice about it and told him that I was going to get it. The fried fish was served with a side of fried raw plantain, avocado salad and fried yuca for an extra cost.

The time went by so slow as I was sipping on my cold water while waiting for my fish.

As the waiter approached the table, my eyes opened as wide as my mouth when I noticed that the fish tail was almost hanging from the plate. The waiter smiled and said: –Here you go miss, enjoy! I smiled back and thanked him.

I took a deep breath as I was pleased by the look and smell of the fish that was put in front of me. I was already tasting the juiciness of the meat in my head as I was grabbing the fork. I used the fork to cut through the crispy skin to reach the white and smooth fish meat. I took the lemon wedge that was placed on my plate and squeezed the lemon juice out of it onto the fish. I blew a bit as the meat was still hot and took my first bite. The skin of the fish was salty and oily while the meat just dissolved in my mouth without much effort. I was delighted.

I started to devour the fish so quickly that I did not realize I was even eating the bones. The bones were so small and cooked so well that you could bite into them without realizing it. The saltiness of the skin mixed perfectly with the juices from the meat and the lemon juice resulted in a party of flavors in my mouth. I was in paradise. The fins and tale were cooked to perfection that I had to eat them as well. They were so crispy I almost felt like I was eating chips.

Once I was done with half the fish, I decided to then taste the avocado salad. The avocado was cut in small cubes and it was so smooth that I could smash it with my own fork. I could also taste the slipperiness of the oil that was added as dressing as well as the freshness of the thinly cut tomatoes. The salad was served in a bed of mixed greens that absorbed the juices from the vegetables. The greens were wet and chewy and no longer crispy when I got to them.

The raw fried plantains were a bit bland that I had to add salt to them after my first bite. They were chewy, soft and a bit on the sweet side, it almost felt like eating a salty marshmallow. The fried yuca next to the plantains was presented in small cubes and fried until reaching a golden color. To me, they were perfect. The soft and delicate taste of the yuca took me back to the plains of Venezuela. I envisioned my grandmother peeling the yuca and throwing it in a big cauldron that had boiling water in it, where the yuca was cooked slowly using wood. The intriguing thing about yuca is that the taste does not match its looks. A yuca looks rough and hard on the outside, however, it tastes is smooth, delicate and silky.

My plate was almost clean at this point. I was so focused on enjoying the different flavors I did not realize the fish was gone, all of it. I even poked the eyeballs out and ate them. They really do not taste like anything, but they are juicy and tough to chew. It feels just like eating a mint but with a fishy taste.

10 things about me

There is always a first time for everything. I have never been keen to sharing a lot about me other than expressing my feelings, really.

There is more to a person than just feelings or hobbies, which is why I decided to make this post about things that make me who I am as a person.

Here they are:

  1. My childhood nickname was Tote or Tete, which you can imagine where the name of my blog came from. It all comes down to a game of words because I could not pronounce my middle name properly when I was a kid. So that’s how my family would call me- Tote.
  2. My star sign is Sagittarius. According to astrology.com “Sagittarius women in love are passionate, energetic, and usually down for pretty much anything.” No need to say more, right?
  3. My favorite color is Purple. It always has been. I remember dressing up my barbies and dolls with purple or fuchsia dresses. I have a purple winter coat and a purple backpack. Sometimes I’ve dreamed about dying my hair purple. Crazy.
  4. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is I need coffee and what am I going to have for breakfast? After making my bed and leaving my room in the morning I go straight to the kitchen, have a glass of water and open the fridge to figure out what to make for breakfast. It honestly is like that everyday. Eggs is always the answer.
  5. My favorite meal/snack are nachos and pizza. I can definitely have nachos every day for lunch or dinner and I would not care. Pizza – I can eat one by myself. I wish I could do it everyday. Might just order one after writing this.
  6. Favorite type of food is breakfast food. It doesn’t matter what time it is I am eating breakfast food. Veggie Omelette, pancakes and Avocado Toast are my go-to options.
  7. My favorite ice cream flavor is either Vanilla or cookies & cream. I don’t have any other ice cream flavors. Even if there’s a thousand more I will always choose those. I know, pretty boring, right?
  8. I’m scared of thunder and snakes. I really am. Whenever there’s thunder I get really anxious and start praying to which ever God is up there. Snakes – I have nightmares with them and whenever that happens I wake up and feel tingles all over my body. THE WORST.
  9. I hate the smell of feet. I really can’t stand it on other people or even on myself.
  10. My favorite movie of all time is Harry Potter, always. All of them. I have seen all of them multiple times and will never get tired of them. I have to admit that I most likely know the dialog to all of or most of them.

Of course there is so much more to me than these 10 facts. But those will just give you an idea.

If you read this, comment with one thing you hate the most.


Day 24 – Elixir

My Elixirs are coffee and wine. In case you hadn’t notice by my posts. I probably have many more, but these two are the winners.
I am eating some Middle Eastern food, while I’m typing this and drinking some red wine. This is the kind of stories I share on my Instagram account.
I think that’s about it. Most of them represent each stage of my life.
Wine – Spain
Middle Eastern food – Middle East (y’all know who you are)
Writing – Canada
and that concludes who I am.. For those of you who don’t know me.


Day 9 – Pairs

Things that go together… 

  • Coffee & Milk
  • Oreo cookies & Icecream
  • Gin & Tonic Water
  • Banana & Nutella
  • Chips & Salsa

But there are other things you can pair too, life is not just about food…

  • Chair & Table
  • Couch & Fluffy pillows
  • Stove & Skillet
  • TV & a movie

Well, I’m clearly trying to come up with some more things to pair off but I got distracted by the idea of polar opposites. Why does everything that surrounds us have to be in pairs? Polar opposites, negative-positive, black-white, girl-boy, healthy-unhealthy…and it goes on. We have two legs, arms, ears, and eyes.

I am not an expert, but I think it means balance. For example: while eating chips and salsa the only reason why the salsa is there is to get rid of the crunchiness or saltiness of the chip. Another example, a stove and a skillet – well guess what, your chicken won’t be cooked if the heat from the stove doesn’t warm up the skillet… I can keep going.

My whole point is that is not just people who need a helping hand from others, but also objects. As people, we know what to do to get the help we need and how to balance ourselves if one side is heavier than the other.

So just as milk can make coffee less bitter, someday you will find someone who will help you bring the heavier side of the balance to the middle point. 

ps: yes, I am comparing people to objects. But yet again, if we compare, we need a pair, don’t we? 


Day 5 – Dish

I’m surprised I don’t have that many pictures of food on my camera roll. 

As soon as I saw today’s word, I thought – this is going to be easy to write and put together, but guess what? It was not… 

Everyone I’m friends with knows how much I love cooking, and of course eating. I don’t have as many pictures of me eating, that wouldn’t be pleasant, as much as I have pictures of the different food I cook and eat every day.

Social Media has taken over my life, especially Instagram, and it does not allow me to keep track of my cooking because by posting on Insta Stories the videos and pictures can only be seen for 24 hours. Yes, you can get to them through the archives, but that is not the point! 

I should probably start a cooking blog, or take pictures of what I cook with my digital camera instead of my phone. Now, that is an idea! What do you think? 

And on that note – here are some pictures of what I’ve cooked recently.

p.s: feel free to check out my Instagram story where I post what I eat every day. 


Vamos a Comer…

Creo que me estoy poniendo vieja muy rápido…

No recuerdo exactamente cuándo comenzó a gustarme la cocina. Lo que si recuerdo es que siempre me ha gustado comer. Entonces, para poder comer hay que cocinar, ¿verdad? Comer y cocinar siempre van de la mano.

Hoy en día, gracias a las redes sociales no tenemos la necesidad de pensar en recetas. Simplemente entramos en Facebook o Instagram e inmediatamente vamos a conseguir videos con recetas.

Cuando era pequeña recuerdo que mi madre utilizaba libros de cocina para seguir recetas, ya los libros no son necesarios hoy en día, la verdad. Yo sigo haciendo casi lo mismo en realidad, pero en lugar de utilizar libros de cocina, simplemente entro en Facebook o Instagram y me aparecen videos de recetas automáticamente. También tengo un par de libros de cocina en casa que uso poco, pero que están ahí. La verdad es que simplemente entro en Instagram y consigo alguna receta que sea fácil de hacer y ya esta lista la cena. Estas son las paginas que sigo en Instagram y Facebook y de donde saco mis ideas de cocina:


Para mí, la parte mas importante de cocinar es ir a comprar comida en el supermercado. No a todo el mundo le gusta ir al super. Pero para mí ir al supermercado a comprar mis alimentos, se ha convertido mas en un hobby que en algo que tengo que hacer por necesidad. Disfruto el caminar por los pasillos y detallar cada cosa que compro, no nada mas el precio. Suena un poco fastidioso, pero a mi me gusta hacer mi lista e ir a comprar todos los fines de semana.

Recuerdo que cuando era pequeña, siempre iba con mis padres al supermercado. Me gustaba mirar y elegir yo misma lo que quería comprar. No me molestaba en realidad, mas bien creo que lo disfrutaba. Y todavía me sigue gustando. Ir al supermercado además de ser una necesidad, me relaja. Caminar por los pasillos del supermercado hace que me olvide por un momento de las cosas que están pasando en mi vida diaria. Y cuando cocino, me pasa lo mismo.

Yo creo que ir al super y cocinar ayudan a desestresarte. Esto sucede porque se requiere mucha atención y concentración al momento de hacerlo. No significa que no se puedan hacer varias cosas mientras cocinas o haces la compra, pero si se requiere mucha concentración y fuerza de voluntad.

Hace un par de días, no me sentía nada bien. Quería regresarme a mi casa y no quería ni ver ni hablar con nadie. En cuanto llegué a mi casa, me di cuenta de que no tenia nada de comida en la nevera y que tenia que cocinar mi almuerzo para llevar al trabajo al día siguiente. No lo pensé mucho, y comencé a cocinar con lo que conseguí en mi nevera. Inmediatamente note como mi humor cambio drásticamente. Comencé a sonreír y estaba llena de energía. Tanto así, que creo que me quede despierta hasta tarde esa noche. No fue porque cocine toda la noche, pero simplemente porque tenía energía y mi mente seguía activa.

Me sentí igual un día después que salí del trabajo. Sabia que tenia que ir al super a comprar unas cosas que necesitaba, pero estaba bien cansada y no tenia ganas de nada. Al momento que saque mi lista de la compra de mi bolsillo y comencé a caminar por los pasillos del super, me olvide de lo cansada que estaba y comencé a buscar lo que necesitaba. Una vez que llegue a casa y organice mi compra, comencé a cocinar para la cena. Se me había olvidado por completo el cansancio. Cocinar para mí, la verdad es que cambia mi estado de animo por completo.

Ahora, no a todo el mundo le gusta cocinar. Si lo vas a hacer, tiene que gustarte porque sino en lugar de mejorar tu estado de ánimo, puede que lo empeore y la comida no te saldrá igual de rica.

Yo no necesariamente cocino todos los días, pero los domingos trato de preparar almuerzos y cenas que me den para un par de días. Trato de escribir y planear que voy a comer cada día, ya que así es más fácil a la hora de ir a hacer mercado. También es práctico, porque si no sabes que comer al momento, lo mas probable es que acabes ordenando una pizza o comiendo en la calle.

A mi me gusta comer, a ustedes también, ¿no?

Entonces, vamos a cocinar…


Let’s Go Eat…

I think I’m getting old …

I don’t remember exactly when my love for cooking started, but what I do remember is that I’ve always loved eating. And in order to eat, then I must cook. Both cooking and eating will always go together.

Today with the help of Social Media we don’t really have to think about what to cook. We can just go into google and type what we feel like eating, and we will get a recipe.

When I was still a kid, I remember my mom had cooking books and sometimes she would follow recipes from these books. Technically I am doing the same right now, but instead of going into cooking books, I will just go to Instagram or Facebook and a food video will pop up. I still own some cooking books that I use every now and then. Facebook and Instagram are my go-to pages when I am in need of something quick and not so easy sometimes. Here are some of the pages I follow on Instagram and Facebook for recipe ideas:

Now, the most important part of cooking is going grocery shopping. From my experience, not everyone likes going food shopping. To me, going to the grocery store has become more of a hobby and less of an activity. I enjoy going to the store and choosing carefully every vegetable I’m buying. It sounds a bit annoying, but I do take my time and my shopping list to the store every weekend.

I remember I liked going grocery shopping with my parents when I was little. I would go to the store with them and choose what I wanted. It didn’t bother me as a kid, I enjoyed it then and I still enjoy it now. Grocery shopping for me, other than being a necessity [because I need to buy stuff, so I can cook], it relaxes me. It makes me forget about what’s going on in my head. Cooking does the same for me too.

I think cooking and grocery shopping are good de-stressors because they require a lot of attention to detail and concentration. It does not necessarily mean that you can’t do anything else at the same time, but it does take a lot of energy and effort.

There was one day this week when I was not feeling my best. I did not want to talk to anyone, and I just wanted to come back home and go straight to bed. As soon as I got back, I realized I did not have anything in the fridge and that I had to make lunch for the next day to take to work. Without thinking too much, I started cooking and my mood changed immediately. I was smiling again and full of energy, so much that I went to bed a bit late that night. And it wasn’t because of the cooking, but because my mind was still active, even after the cooking was done.

I had the same feeling after work one day. I knew I had to get some groceries, but I really wasn’t in the mood. I pull out my shopping list from my pocket, grabbed my basket and started walking. As soon as I started looking for my food, I completely forgot about how I was feeling and was walking around the grocery store with a smile [almost]. Once I got home, I forgot that I was tired, I organized the groceries and started cooking. Cooking really is a mood changer for me. But again, you have to enjoy it because if you don’t, then, it will just put you in a bad mood and the food won’t taste as good.

I don’t cook every day, but I do cook every Sunday to have enough food for the next couple of days, at least. I write and plan my meals and based on that, I make my grocery list. Better than having to think on the spot what to cook. It really is about being organized and making the time to cook and shop.

I like eating, and so does everyone, no?

Now, let’s get to cooking.