The Golden Trio

The sizzling of the frying pan, the humming of the kitchen fan, the crispy yet sweet smell of bacon and cherry tomatoes cooking is freshening my apartment as I am typing this. The crawling of my stomach signing feed me now woman is what made me step away from the keys for a short period of time.

The cherry tomatoes cooking with the grease of bacon

Once I finished eating, I decided to get back to writing while sipping on a black cup of coffee that I brewed while I was still cooking. The coffee is strong, sour, foamy as I feel the warmth of it on my palate. This is now my second cup of the day.

Today’s breakfast, or I should say brunch, as it is now past noon was 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 6 cherry tomatoes, half avocado and a couple of slices of Buffalo Gouda. Heavy, yet a satisfying meal that will keep my energy in check until at least dinner.

Avocado, eggs and bacon are to me the perfect way to start the day. The gouda and the cherry tomatoes add to the trio a touch of sweetness and springiness to it all. And here is why; the greasy and salty taste of bacon is balanced by the sweetness of the tomatoes. The tasteless and smoothness of the avocado hide the salt and highlight the crunchiness of the bacon. The eggs are just the perfect addition as with their pungent and earthy taste serve as a break to the other complicated mix of flavors. And cheese, well, who doesn’t love a piece of chewy and smelly gouda?

10 things about me

There is always a first time for everything. I have never been keen to sharing a lot about me other than expressing my feelings, really.

There is more to a person than just feelings or hobbies, which is why I decided to make this post about things that make me who I am as a person.

Here they are:

  1. My childhood nickname was Tote or Tete, which you can imagine where the name of my blog came from. It all comes down to a game of words because I could not pronounce my middle name properly when I was a kid. So that’s how my family would call me- Tote.
  2. My star sign is Sagittarius. According to “Sagittarius women in love are passionate, energetic, and usually down for pretty much anything.” No need to say more, right?
  3. My favorite color is Purple. It always has been. I remember dressing up my barbies and dolls with purple or fuchsia dresses. I have a purple winter coat and a purple backpack. Sometimes I’ve dreamed about dying my hair purple. Crazy.
  4. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is I need coffee and what am I going to have for breakfast? After making my bed and leaving my room in the morning I go straight to the kitchen, have a glass of water and open the fridge to figure out what to make for breakfast. It honestly is like that everyday. Eggs is always the answer.
  5. My favorite meal/snack are nachos and pizza. I can definitely have nachos every day for lunch or dinner and I would not care. Pizza – I can eat one by myself. I wish I could do it everyday. Might just order one after writing this.
  6. Favorite type of food is breakfast food. It doesn’t matter what time it is I am eating breakfast food. Veggie Omelette, pancakes and Avocado Toast are my go-to options.
  7. My favorite ice cream flavor is either Vanilla or cookies & cream. I don’t have any other ice cream flavors. Even if there’s a thousand more I will always choose those. I know, pretty boring, right?
  8. I’m scared of thunder and snakes. I really am. Whenever there’s thunder I get really anxious and start praying to which ever God is up there. Snakes – I have nightmares with them and whenever that happens I wake up and feel tingles all over my body. THE WORST.
  9. I hate the smell of feet. I really can’t stand it on other people or even on myself.
  10. My favorite movie of all time is Harry Potter, always. All of them. I have seen all of them multiple times and will never get tired of them. I have to admit that I most likely know the dialog to all of or most of them.

Of course there is so much more to me than these 10 facts. But those will just give you an idea.

If you read this, comment with one thing you hate the most.


Day 16 – Slow

Slowly but surely… 

I really like this phrase. To me, it means that doing things quickly will take longer, which is why I always take the time to think and do things.

Cooking – for example. I’ve noticed that when I take my time to put a meal together somehow it is more delicious than if I make it in a hurry. Think about it. Today I cooked two delicious meals and they were both satisfying and yummy. In the morning I made a veggie omelet with a smoothie. I sliced the tomato, mushroom, and onion and cooked them separately. I whisked the eggs and added it to the cooked vegetables. While that was cooking, I put the fruits in the blender with some milk and blended it all.

It wasn’t, of course, the most complicated breakfast. But the fact that I took the time to do it was what made me enjoy it.

949ADA0A-833F-4C1A-BC07-F4516D02E1AAFor lunch, I improvised salmon tacos with what I had in the fridge. The filling was just lettuce, red onion, tomato, and carrots. Plus, of course, pineapple salsa made with some greek yogurt. I smashed the salmon with a fork and put it on top of the tortillas with the rest. It really was good. If you are interested in seeing the results, go check out my Instagram story.

On a side note, has anyone noticed that days are taking forever to end? Yes, I know, spring is coming and days are longer, but that’s not what I mean. I mean that you do a lot of things and there are still hours left in the day? It is an interesting feeling. A feeling we wouldn’t be able to acknowledge if we didn’t have to stay home.

The days are going by so slow these days. I’m not complaining..I like it. And the fact that things have slowed down around us, I see as an opportunity to pause, think and enjoy the wonders of a calm and stress-free day.


Day 13 – Teach

In case anyone is running out of breakfast ideas during this quarantine season …

I am going to teach/show you a recipe that I’ve been doing since all of this started and I am, let me tell you, obsessed!

So, here is my noname breakfast:

You only need simple ingredients: teach

  • 1 Banana
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1 egg
  • 1 or 2 handfuls of choco chips – that’s up to you

Preheat nonstick pan in medium heat. Spray cooking oil on the pan once heated.

Mash the banana and once smashed completely, add the egg and stir with a fork. Once you get to the consistency of pancake mix, add the oatmeal and keep mixing with a fork. Add cinnamon and choco chips last, or else the mix will change colors too quickly.

Form pancakes in the previously heated pan and cook for about 3-5min each side, still on medium heat. Put on your plate and top with any type of syrup you like/have. I used agave syrup. teach-

I hope someone looks at this recipe before tomorrow morning and shares pictures with me if they were able to make it and their thought on the recipe. Oh, and if they are looking forward to more recipes.