About me

Hello and Welcome to my page!

I’m Maria and to some, I’m known as Tote. I’m a Media Studies Graduate, wine and coffee lover, depending on the time of the day, or does it really matter?. I like cooking, eating and drinking – coffee in the morning. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I like taking pictures of my food and posting them on Social Media. #foodie #coffeelover

Born in Venezuela, currently living in Toronto where I have decided to settle down, at least for the time being…

About the blog

I started this blog back in 2016 when I was a bit lost. I was in my last year of University and was unsure of how life was going to be after Graduation. This was a place for me to write about what was going on during that time and to express myself, as you can all see from the nature of my posts.

There really wasn’t a topic back then, and there won’t be one now. Though I will try to be consistent with my content, which will most likely be about food. Just like a Venezuelan saying goes “Como vaya viniendo, vamos viendo“. I can just translate it as YOLO, but just for the sake of a better understanding, it means to decide on the spot.

I have decided to reactivate this blog because:

  1. I like writing, cooking, eating, and taking pictures and have a bunch of dusty and brand new material that is begging to be shared.
  2. Other than Facebook or Instagram, I want to have a different space where I can share who I am with more than just pictures and a plain caption.

Thank you for allowing me to share this space with you all.

And remember, if you don’t see me drinking coffee, then it means it is time for wine!