Pickled Red Onions

This was my first time making anything pickled. I have always been afraid of pickled foods simply because I despise the smell of white vinegar.

This time however, I did some research and found that I did not necessarily have to use white vinegar for the recipe. I decided to use Apple Cider Vinegar instead which has a more pleasant smell than regular white cooking vinegar. One important thing to think about is the size of the onion that you are using. The container that I chose was too small for the medium-sized onion I got at the grocery store. The container (shown in the picture,) could only fit half the onion. The other half I used for cooking the following day.

The below recipe and measurements work with both half and a whole onion. It will depend on how acid you like your onions to be. The pickling process is straight forward and the steps to take are easy. I made the pickled red onions in about 20 minutes and let them soak for about 8 hours prior to eating. You can also use your onion of preference; i.e. Spanish Onion.

Because I used a red onion, the liquid turned purple overtime and the slices of onions turned soft, sweet, and crunchy, a combination of flavours that can go well with different foods such as salads, sandwiches, but most importantly, tacos.

I will try to make this same recipe again with a different type of onion, making sure I use a bigger container so that I can use the whole onion.

To make this, you need ingredients that you probably have at home already:

1 red onion

½ cup of apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of warm water

Glass container

Slice onions very thinly with a sharp knife, if you have a mandolin, that works best and place them in the glass container.

Mix the vinegar, sugar, salt and warm water in a bowl until the sugar dissolves. Add the vinegar mixture to the glass container and make sure that the onions are covered.

Let it sit for an hour prior to serving. Though the longer you let it sit, the yummier it will be.

I used the recipe and followed the steps highlighted in this blog https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/quick-pickled-red-onions/


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