The Chef’s Knife

This is the kitchen tool that I use every day. I use it in the morning to cut the apples I will be having for breakfast, and I use it in the evening to chop the vegetables that will be served for dinner. My chef’s knife is always clean and put away safely after every use. I also make sure to wash it if I am moving from fruit chopping to vegetable chopping.

I have owned this knife for more than three years and I noticed that it was losing its sharpness. I was at some point, considering buying a new one. I have never sharpened this knife and never considered that to be an option. I was afraid of the sharpening tools and to be honest, just wanted to upgrade and get a new knife set.

I was browsing on Amazon one night and remembered I had some unused credit in my account. It was not much, and it was not enough to get a new knife set. That is where I found a knife sharpener for $20 and decided I was going to use my Amazon credit for that. The sharpener arrived a couple of days later and I started swinging my knife blade across the sharpening blade. I was doing that for a good ten minutes. I have never done this, so I did not know if it was too short, or if I needed to do it for longer.

I had uncut vegetables in my fridge, and I decided to chop all of them. I had onions, green onions, and celery. The knife was as sharp as new, and the chopping was going smoothly. I could not believe it. It felt like I was using a new knife, and I was not. I had just sharpened my three-year-old knife and it was wonderful. I still cannot believe I was going to throw away the knife.

The chef’s knife is my go-to tool and favourite tool in the kitchen. And even though it does not do much other than chopping, and sometimes slice through my finger, it will always be the number one must have in every kitchen.

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