The Versatility of Food

It is Sunday morning; the morning of my birthday and I wake up to an UberEATS link on my WhatsApp from my cousin in Chile. She has ordered breakfast to be delivered to me from across the continent. The food arrives and I call her to unbox the delivery while she is on the phone with me.  

Why is it that there is always food surrounding a celebration? Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and much more. To be honest, I do not have an answer, and I am not sure anyone has the answer. But I find that for every culture, there is a celebration where food is involved.

Food brings people and families together. Have you ever been to a get together where there is not any food? There will at least be a cup of coffee along with some biscuits to snack on while sipping on the hot drink. The best conversations, in my opinion, happen around a cup of coffee. Even the first dates happen around food, some people like going out for lunch or dinner. You will then decide if you like the person or not based on the enjoyment that came from that specific experience, even if the food was not good.  

Having a meal surrounded by people it is much more joyful than having a meal by yourself, cooking included. If you like to cook, the satisfaction that you get when cooking for someone else versus cooking for yourself is different. Speaking from experience, I enjoy cooking and prepping food for other people, but for me, I try to just make the simplest and boring things. Feeding someone else brings a sense of comfort and pleasure, especially when you see the smile on people’s faces. Why else do you think grandmothers are always feeding us? And when they are not, they worry because you have not eaten.

All of this to say that food is around us, food changes our mood and can make us sick or can make us feel better. It is a big part of our day and our life. And it is also a big part of our traditions, no matter when you come from.

Let’s enjoy, celebrate, and cherish every moment during these challenging times.

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