Dinning in during Covid-19 – Paramount Review

Paramount has always been one of my favorite places to go to for Middle Eastern food in Toronto. I fell in love when I first visited in 2013.

Luckily enough, I now live a couple of steps away from one of their locations in North York. Located right on The Shops at Don Mills. It was and still is one of my go-to places for a Friday night dinner.

When the pandemic lockdown started back in March, I would be ordering from Paramount three times a week, at the most, and always by phone. Their website was only there to check the menu depending on your location as well as the prices. Depending on the location, there would be deals that could be discussed once you called to order. Paramount would also be available to order from UberEats or SkipTheDishes. I used this service once, and the app chose the Scarborough location instead of the one close to me. So, after that, I decided to not use the apps anymore. It is always nice to talk to someone on the phone anyways.

Last Friday I decided to order from Paramount and was surprised that there was an “Order Online” option on their website. Even though I was certain that it was not going to work, I clicked in and started putting together my order. When I was finished and clicked on “Place Order,” I got the notice that ordering online was not available at the moment. Well, I tried -I said to myself- shrugging my shoulders. I proceeded then to call the restaurant and place my order just as I always do.

I got my usual order of 6 pieces of Falafel as my starter and decided to try the Chicken Saj Wrap for the first time as Take-Out. I had this dish before while dinning in but never had it before outside of the restaurant. The wrap comes with a side of French fries and a small salad, enough for one person. The Saj bread is crunchy but thick enough to hold the chicken juices. I loved the chicken. The cut pieces of chicken roll perfectly with the wrap while falling apart when you take a bite. Is it bad that it falls apart? Or maybe I just enjoy being a messy eater? We will never know. The chicken is well-seasoned, juicy and toasty on the inside. And while the chicken was the protagonist of the night, the side of fries was insipid, all I could taste was the oil. I ate them, of course, after sprinkling some more salt to them. I can never say no to French fries.

To finalize my meal, I had 3 pieces of Falafel and saved the rest for the next day. I liked the falafels because they were compact, the ball stayed together as I was eating them. They can be dipped comfortably in the garlic or sesame sauce without it falling apart on your sauce. I recommend you try it for yourself.

Overall, aside from the disappointing fries, I like Paramount. Their menu is inclusive of serving one person all the way up to a family of 6. The price ranges depending on the item, but I found that the average price for an entrée for one person is $20.

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