Rain and Prosecco day

It was the third Sunday of November in Toronto. The day was gloomy and so was my energy. I talked to my mom and dad while laying down on my couch through Facebook Messenger and my brother joined after. So far, typical Sunday for me.

I was thinking about what to have for lunch/dinner and had to go out and get some groceries anyway. I picked up the dark beer I was going to use for my Sauce Espagnole and roamed around the wine aisle. I was in a celebratory mood since it is my birthday month, so I grabbed a bottle of Ruffino Prosecco as well, which I am sipping on as I am typing this. While, of course, being aware of the time since the pork loin is in the oven right now.

I am braising a pork loin with Sauce Espagnole. It is my first time making this recipe. And the truth is that I thought it was going to be harder to make because of the long list of ingredients. It was not. The whole thing took about 90 minutes to make. A bit messy, yes, but worth it. I also sliced my thumb mistakenly while trying to slice the carrots. That part is a bit blurry; I just remember seeing my finger covered in blood. Not a big deal, I cleaned it up with a bit of alcohol, put a band-aid on, and went back to the kitchen.

I baked the pork for 40 minutes along with the Sauce Espagnole and I served it with leftover quinoa and half avocado. I drank the remaining of the beer while Dash and Lily from Netflix was playing in the background. The sauce was rich and the pork a bit on the dry side. And because I was drinking the same beer that I used for making the sauce, it mixed perfectly with the whole meal. I was satisfied. It was comfort food on a rainy day.

I posted this recipe on my highlights called Food@home on my Instagram profile if you would like to see how it happened.


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