The Feelings of Food

Have you eaten something and then feeling strange minutes after? And this could go both ways. Strange-good when you feel full of life and ready to take on the world. Strange-bad when you just want to lay down and sleep for a whole week.

Is that how foods are feeling when you eat them? I wonder…

Greener vegetables bring a sense of freshness to our bodies and provide a field full of space for other nutrients to get into our bodies. On the contrary, flours, sometimes can make us feel like we just got a shot of energy or can also make us lie down on the couch Sunday night with our bellies pointing to the ceiling. It will, of course, depend on how much of it you have but the first bite is always the one that counts.

If you think about it, green vegetables are grown out in open fields with direct sunlight and lots of water. Nobody will ever be in a bad mood under direct sunlight and water, right? Why do we, humans, then love going to the beach? It is the exact same answer for both scenarios. It is freedom. That is how I feel when I am at the beach.

Flours though, are kept in the dark. No direct sunlight, no water. They can last months, sometimes years, in the pantry if stored properly. This darkness that is part of the flour can be seen in the foods we eat that are made with it. Pizza for example, will have you wanting to take a nap, in general, and I think is because the flour used to make the pizza, once it enters our body, it wants to shut us down, it wants us to close our eyes and get into a dark place, literally.

I am not an expert in the matter. Not at all. But by spending too much time at home and having to cook my own meals most of the time, I have learned the types of foods that make me feel better throughout my day.

Do you agree? Do you think what we eat affects our mood/feelings?

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