The Golden Trio

The sizzling of the frying pan, the humming of the kitchen fan, the crispy yet sweet smell of bacon and cherry tomatoes cooking is freshening my apartment as I am typing this. The crawling of my stomach signing feed me now woman is what made me step away from the keys for a short period of time.

The cherry tomatoes cooking with the grease of bacon

Once I finished eating, I decided to get back to writing while sipping on a black cup of coffee that I brewed while I was still cooking. The coffee is strong, sour, foamy as I feel the warmth of it on my palate. This is now my second cup of the day.

Today’s breakfast, or I should say brunch, as it is now past noon was 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 6 cherry tomatoes, half avocado and a couple of slices of Buffalo Gouda. Heavy, yet a satisfying meal that will keep my energy in check until at least dinner.

Avocado, eggs and bacon are to me the perfect way to start the day. The gouda and the cherry tomatoes add to the trio a touch of sweetness and springiness to it all. And here is why; the greasy and salty taste of bacon is balanced by the sweetness of the tomatoes. The tasteless and smoothness of the avocado hide the salt and highlight the crunchiness of the bacon. The eggs are just the perfect addition as with their pungent and earthy taste serve as a break to the other complicated mix of flavors. And cheese, well, who doesn’t love a piece of chewy and smelly gouda?

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