May 11 – Love

I don’t think there’s a definition of love that fits everyone.

We have felt love and still feel love every day of our lives, however, that feeling for everyone is different. We love our friends, family, parents, pets, etc.. and every person’s love is and feels different. For example, you don’t love your pet the same way you love your parents, right?

I don’t think there isn’t just one type of love, but what I do believe is that as human beings we are very lucky to feel love, to be loved, and to love somebody or something. There are many definitions of Love in the dictionary. Try searching it up. Even I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about love.

Love is such a unique and personal feeling that even if I describe to you what I feel when I feel love, I’m sure it will be completely different than what you feel.

I love movies, writing, reading, playing, and listening to music, cooking, eating.

I love my family, friends, coworkers.

I love running distance…more like, jogging.

I think that what we love and how we love is what defines us as individuals.

What is love for you? What are the things that you love the most?


My inspiration today comes from the WordPress.com writing prompts guide.


3 thoughts on “May 11 – Love

  1. Love is universal feeling on a large scale. I think, love is the essence of the person. Love is serving others.We can express the love sharing a happy day or a sad day. Love is commitment to care for the planet. Love for our children is tenderness but also discipline.
    I love you, Maria!

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  2. Aww I love this post.
    I agree, there are endless types of loves, and for different people it means different thing.
    There is a quote I love, it goes:
    “Where there’s love there’s no limit; where there’s a limit, there’s no love.”
    It’s by Yogi Bhajan the founder of kundalini yoga.

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