Day 21 – Instrument

Am I having a dream or did I write about this yesterday?

If you read yesterday’s post, you would know by now that my instrument of choice is the guitar. Even though I have played other instruments, the guitar for me has been what has challenged me the most.

I’ve been with my Ibanez for a little bit over 10 years. This guitar has traveled the world with me, and not because I played in different countries, but because I have moved around quite a bit. With this guitar, I learned chord transitions and my very first song. I also learned and practiced the pentatonic scales until my fingers could not handle it anymore. How could I forget those? If anyone here plays the guitar, they know what I’m talking about. IMG_8370

If I check the case of my guitar, the pockets are full of music notes, songs I learned how to play and that I probably couldn’t play at the moment. I remember playing and singing at the same time at some point, which is a skill not everyone can master. I also used to have a lot of guitar picks too and I don’t know where they are anymore.

Unfortunately, I stopped playing a while back. There really shouldn’t be any excuses for this, but let’s just say adulthood got in the way.

Fortunately, I have decided to get back into it. Ibanez has a broken string and I have ordered a new set of strings for her. I’m just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Also, I purchased a new electric guitar that arrived last week (picture on yesterday’s post) and that I have been playing since day one. Aside from the new set of strings, I am also waiting for an electric tuner and about 100 guitar picks that I’m planning to leave all around my house as an incentive for me to get back to my musical days.


3 thoughts on “Day 21 – Instrument

  1. Maria, you how much I love music. You made me to remember those happy days when we were part of the university choir and later the Paraguaná Chorus conducted by your godfather Jesus.
    I encourage you to get back to the guitar. I will do the same with my piano lessons.

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