Day 15 – Scent

The smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning.. Or the smell of freshly baked cookies. Both of these scents put me in a good mood.

But hold on, I just don’t talk about food. What about the smell of clean towels? Or when you are going to wear a clean hoodie and you can still smell the fabric softener in it. Doesn’t it make you feel good? Doesn’t it give you a sense of comfort?

What about when someone walks next to you and they are wearing your favourite perfume? Or when a handsome guy or girl uses a perfume that enhances their sex appeal and makes you look back.

Totally unrelated, but what about the smell of gas ? When you are filling your car’s tank at the gas station..I hope lots of people are familiar with that smell. What about the smell of a new car? I’ve always loved that scent. Smells like plastic that has never been touched,  a clean, virgin plastic mixed with leather (sometimes) ..

Anyway, I’m rambling now…

To me, smell is one of the best senses that we can have. We are attracted to each other because of a specific scent, we are also selective of the type of food we want or like because of the smell. But aside from that, we can also recognize rotten food just by using our sense of smell.

So is it safe to safe that smelling can save our life, maybe? 


One thought on “Day 15 – Scent

  1. I agree. Sometimes I would be walking down a street and smelling a smell that immediately reminds me of my childhood. I always wondered if that happens to other people.

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