Day 12 – Light

Light – like the one that Liz found in every place, she visited in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

As social distancing continues and we all have to stay at home, I decided to enjoy one of my favourite movies today -Eat, Pray, Love.

I watched it today while enjoying a glass of Chilean Chardonnay. I like the story of the movie because it really shows that there is always, somehow light at the end of the tunnel, and happiness at the end of every movie… that’s usually how it goes.

The different people Liz finds during her journey were like a shine of light for her stay. They helped her understand what was going on in the city as well as in her life during that specific moment. In Italy for example, she started eating carelessly not thinking about the calories she was indulging but about the pleasure that comes with eating a meal that she really enjoys.

To me, this movie really is about LIVING. Living in the moment and living for what you really enjoy doing. For Liz is writing and traveling, but what is it for you? 

And if there is anything else I learned from this movie, is the concept of “Dolce Far Niente.” It’s an Italian saying that basically means the sweetness of doing nothing. Not just nothing, but is the feeling that one gets from being idle, with yourself in one place.

I think all of us should really think about this Italian saying and find the pleasure of doing nothing while being at home, quarantined. Who knows how long this is going to last anyway?



3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Light

  1. The social distracting has made me tune into Netflix more and rewatching my favorite movies and shows. Really focusing on the reasons and life lessons we take away.

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