Day 9 – Pairs

Things that go together… 

  • Coffee & Milk
  • Oreo cookies & Icecream
  • Gin & Tonic Water
  • Banana & Nutella
  • Chips & Salsa

But there are other things you can pair too, life is not just about food…

  • Chair & Table
  • Couch & Fluffy pillows
  • Stove & Skillet
  • TV & a movie

Well, I’m clearly trying to come up with some more things to pair off but I got distracted by the idea of polar opposites. Why does everything that surrounds us have to be in pairs? Polar opposites, negative-positive, black-white, girl-boy, healthy-unhealthy…and it goes on. We have two legs, arms, ears, and eyes.

I am not an expert, but I think it means balance. For example: while eating chips and salsa the only reason why the salsa is there is to get rid of the crunchiness or saltiness of the chip. Another example, a stove and a skillet – well guess what, your chicken won’t be cooked if the heat from the stove doesn’t warm up the skillet… I can keep going.

My whole point is that is not just people who need a helping hand from others, but also objects. As people, we know what to do to get the help we need and how to balance ourselves if one side is heavier than the other.

So just as milk can make coffee less bitter, someday you will find someone who will help you bring the heavier side of the balance to the middle point. 

ps: yes, I am comparing people to objects. But yet again, if we compare, we need a pair, don’t we? 


One thought on “Day 9 – Pairs

  1. I think we can to combined many things to get a purpose. Sometimes to get balance and other times as complement.
    So , you make me think in the artist who need the audience, mom and the baby, the blogger and followers, guitar and its strings,horse and rider, feet and shoes, ring and finger, hands and ball,wine and cheese, coffe and cokies.
    You have nice day.


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