Day 8 – Curve

Well, this whole pandemic is a big curveball…

It is forcing all of us to stay at home and pause. Isn’t this amazing? But you haven’t thought about it that way, right? Being at home is making me take care of myself for what I really want, and follow my own routine, even though I’m still working from home. I can even work out in my pajamas for all I know…

I see it as a way of enjoying life during a pandemic that’s not shown on TV or in movies. Pandemics in movies are always horrible and scary. But here we are, chilling at home, watching TV, working and drinking..all at the same time. I could live like this, why not?

Yes, here I am going back to movies. But guess what? That’s the only thing all over my curves.



3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Curve

  1. The word Curve let us to think about the COVID-19 with awesome statistics around the world.
    I am sorry about to many peoples who are in the hospital or alone at home and also the ones who died alone because the pandemic.
    You are bless people because you are healthy and working at home. Thank you for show us what simple is to follow the rule “stay at home” and manage the real situation without stress and help to flatten the curve.

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