Day 7 – Below

Below the belt, below the table, below the bed and below my balcony.. yes, I’m mentioning things that can be found below.

Below the belt we have our legs, feet and we wear pants, shoes and underwear (or not)

What’s below the table? I live on my own, no pets. So there’s usually crumbs on the floor or maybe dust from not having vacuumed in days. Even though during quarantine those days have disappeared. This staying at home situation has made realized that:

  1. For those of you know me, know that I love walking barefoot. So, crumbs on the floor, definitely not.
  2. I have been mopping the floor in my apartment almost every other day. Blame Corona for this.

While on the cleaning topic, I have barely looked below my bed, reason being there’s drawers, so clearly there’s no space for any monsters. Yes, I am still afraid of those. And I also believe in monsters that live in the closet.

Going back outside, there can be many things below my balcony, it just depends where you point your eyes to. For example, there’s another balcony right below it, however, if you look straight down below you can see the streets and depending on the day, people walking their dogs, or lining up for coffee at the Tim Horton’s.

It is all about perspectives, no?

So what’s on your belows? Share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Below

  1. Below my window I can see that the backyard has a lot of flowers. Spring is here and I enjoy seeing the yellow, red and fuchsia color of the flowers mixed with the green of the grass. I can also see the birds flying among the flowers. The nature is wonderful.
    Maria , this is a gift for me today; but I would like to share it with you.
    Take care!

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