Day 6 – Hands

Thanks to my hands I’m typing this. 

Are we talking about the fingers in my hand? or like, the whole concept of hands? the movement? The way my skin is right now..currently, dry. Washing too many dishes nowadays, and don’t really feel like using the dishwasher either.. sorry hands!

Just grabbed my phone, somebody texted me on WhatsApp, using my thumbs to type. What is the strongest finger in our hands? I wonder..

My head is itchy, or is it my hair? I haven’t washed it in maybe 3 days. That reminds me, last time I washed my hair some of it got stuck in my broken nail. Nails – what are they anyway and why did someone decide we have to file them?

So many questions, yet I can’t even bother to google any of them?

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Hands

  1. Hi Maria!
    With our hands, We can express: love, gratitude,ask for help, offer help,say goodbye, give and receive blessings, to pray and give a round of applause. In adition, the hands are used to heal a wound, to work on the computer, to handle the cell phone, to guide in a direction, to instruct a teaching, , to build houses, parks, airplanes, close a business agreement, among others. How wonderful is everything we can build with our hands!.

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