Day 5 – Dish

I’m surprised I don’t have that many pictures of food on my camera roll. 

As soon as I saw today’s word, I thought – this is going to be easy to write and put together, but guess what? It was not… 

Everyone I’m friends with knows how much I love cooking, and of course eating. I don’t have as many pictures of me eating, that wouldn’t be pleasant, as much as I have pictures of the different food I cook and eat every day.

Social Media has taken over my life, especially Instagram, and it does not allow me to keep track of my cooking because by posting on Insta Stories the videos and pictures can only be seen for 24 hours. Yes, you can get to them through the archives, but that is not the point! 

I should probably start a cooking blog, or take pictures of what I cook with my digital camera instead of my phone. Now, that is an idea! What do you think? 

And on that note – here are some pictures of what I’ve cooked recently.

p.s: feel free to check out my Instagram story where I post what I eat every day. 


9 thoughts on “Day 5 – Dish

    1. Your food is always so inspiring! And sometimes makes me so hungry I need to run and cook myself something Haha!
      I would say maybe do a step by step IG story where you show how you actually cook a certain recipe… some stuff that isn’t from here like arepas or other Venezuelan dishes… and you can save it on your highlights.

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