To Follow Or Not To Follow – Instagram

Being a daily Instagram user, I have always been careful about who to follow. And because it is a platform that I use daily, I usually try to stay away from content that won’t provide me any useful information.

The below influencers have taught me about how to keep a balanced lifestyle and stay atop my fitness goals. Aside from providing workout ideas, all of them provide mindful eating tips and even recipes that are easy to make. I say the recipes are easy because I am someone who follows recipes to a tee and they end up looking just like the video, or the picture.

There is a lot of people who would argue that eating healthy or [properly] is expensive and that they can’t keep up with it. I think it is just an excuse to be lazy and order takeout. Because if you are spending $30 on take-out, you can also spend $30 and go grocery shopping. Ordering take out is easier, and I am guilty of doing that too. But at the end of the day, our bodies will feel and work better if we give it food that was cooked at home.

SaschaFitness with 3.2m followers is at the top of the list.

Sascha Barboza @saschafitness – 3.2m followers (content in Spanish)

Saschafitness. Picture from the website

Sascha has her own line of supplements including protein powder and BCAAs. She published two books that are about recipes and wellbeing that include workouts and tips on fitness. She also has a YouTube channel where she tries to publish weekly videos either promoting her line of supplements or helpful tips on what to eat throughout the day. I have been following Sascha for a good four years now and other than providing fitness tips, she is also focused on her daughters and family.

I like Sasha because aside from being a woman in the industry, I feel like she explains the content really well and is very direct. She will tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat using scientific and medical explanations with lots of background information. I really do like her fitness content, however, the only downside to her Instagram stories is that sometimes she is too focused on her daughters, and I feel like she forgets about what her account is really about.

Kevin Curry @fitmencook – 1.4m followers

Kevin Curry. Picture from the website

Kevin Curry has published two cookbooks focusing on nutritional recipes for both men and women. He is also a fitness enthusiast and posts workout ideas. He also has a YouTube channel where he provides meal prepping ideas. I have been following Kevin for a good three years now and the main focus for me is the recipes and food videos.

I really like Kevin’s content because aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the food is delicious. I say this because I have tried to make a couple of his recipes. Kevin is really focused on clean eating and his feed is very colorful since he provides tips on how to include whole foods in all your meals, I mean vegetables and fruits.  He also tries to adapt every recipe to be a low-carb meal. As well as provides insight on which kind of spices to add to every recipe.

Ainsley Rodriguez @ainsley – 1.9m followers

Ainsley is an online trainer and fitness model. She provides tips on diet and workouts while focusing on clean eating. She provides online training and posts successful stories about clients who have gotten back in shape after using her personalized programs. I think I started following Ainsley around the same time I started following Kevin Curry. Ainsley focuses on how to stay active even with having a busy schedule. She travels a lot and is always posting about her daily routine and foods. Because she is a fitness model, she keeps her figure all year round.

Ainsley Rodriguez. Picture from Instagram

I like Ainsley, because aside from being a woman, Ainsley is about the to-go life, which I think most of us identify with. Having a busy schedule is for a lot of people an excuse to not eat properly. However, by following Ainsley I have learned that you don’t really have to be able to cook at home to keep your figure all year round.

Do you follow any of the above-mentioned fitness influencers? Do you like them? Why? Why not?

Comment and let me know.


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