Living For a Wish – Aladdin

Aladdin – The story of a street rat and his pet, a monkey – Abu. He falls in love with Princess Jasmine and does the impossible to get to her heart. All of it with the help from a Genie in a lamp.

But we all know this story already. And with the new version of Aladdin, that hit the movie theaters a couple of weeks ago, we remember the story that 27 years ago came to life.

The topic for today’s post came up because I realized I needed to watch both versions of Aladdin since that is just how critical I am. I have analyzed almost every detail of both versions and discovered more similarities than “mistakes”. I guess at the end of the day, one of our wishes came true.

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. 2019 Aladdin

First, we need to focus on Princess Jasmine. On the 2019 version, Princess Jasmine is played by Naomi Scott. Other than having a beautiful voice, real-life Princess Jasmine does have a similarity with the cartoon character, not only physically, but also personality wise. Princess Jasmine is sweet, innocent and independent in the 1992 animated version. However, on the 2019 version, she is represented as a Queen more than a princess, in my opinion. She is very independent and can make decisions for herself even if it will harm anyone else. What’s with Dalia anyways? On the 2019 version, Princess Jasmine is accompanied by a housemaid throughout her decisions of choosing the right Prince. Even though in the older version, Jasmine is all alone with her companion, the Tiger – Rajah.

I must admit, I did not really like Naomi’s Scott acting in the 2019 version of the film. I thought it was too fake and she was trying too hard. However, upon watching the older version, I realized that she did a better job than what I had in mind. Very well done!

Mena Massoud as Aladdin. 2019 Aladdin

Now into Aladdin. Aladdin is played by Mena Massoud. This is what I call a real-life Prince Aladdin. Another wish coming true.  Other than being incredibly physically attractive, Mena did a tremendous job on playing Aladdin. His facial expressions, smile, and reactions are almost the same as the cartoon character. In both versions of the movie, Aladdin is portrayed as a street rat and hated by the high class. As a street rat, Aladdin, along with his pet – Abu, steal for a living. On the 1992 version, Aladdin is only shown as stealing mostly food since they are most focused on them being hungry. However, the 2019 version shows Aladdin as stealing precious jewels and other artifacts in exchange for money.

I really admire Aladdin. Yes, both the character and the actor. Aladdin because he surpasses every obstacle until he is together with Princess Jasmine. Fighting for love. Mena Massoud for being lucky enough to get this role and making the best out of it.

Will Smith as Genie from the Lamp. 2019 Aladdin

Finally – The Genie. The Genie is played by Will Smith. The personality for both cartoon Genie and real-life Genie is outgoing and very fun to be around. Other than being able to make your wishes come true, Genie can be considered a real friend. Even though Jafar does not see it like that. Genie is blue in both animated and live action movies. I was not really expecting that to happen, but Will Smith was able to pull it off and, he was also able to play the different characters Genie goes through while showing Aladdin who he is. For example, Genie’s clone during Genie’s introduction to Aladdin.

I was a bit skeptical about Will Smith playing Genie. I really was not sure about what to expect. But guess what, another wish came true.

And now, I’m out of wishes.

Out of wishes, but never out of words.

Aside from having a well-chosen cast, the movie, in general, had some minor changes. For example, in the animated version, Aladdin shows the whole world to Princess Jasmines while flying on the magic carpet. We can see Egypt, Greece, and China. However, on the live action version, we can’t really see where they are going. On the animated version, Aladdin is thought to have kidnapped Princess Jasmine and in the 2019 version, no one mentions anything about a kidnapping.

The only similarity to the 100% that I found is Jafar wanting Aladdin. In both versions, Jafar reaches out to Aladdin because Jafar thinks Aladdin is the chosen one to get to the lamp. And even though the way of getting to Aladdin changes in both versions, the concept is still the same.

To me, Aladdin is all about fighting for what you want and never giving up. And even if Aladdin had to pass as a Prince, so he could talk and spend time with his loved one, he never gave up and he succeeded in getting her love.

Do you agree with me? What do you think is the main concept of Aladdin? What is the hidden message in the movie?

All of this to say. Yes, I really enjoy the movie. And yes, I would watch it again.


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