Do I Deserve a Star? – Not yet, Anyways …

If you all follow me on Instagram, you would know that I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with amazing mountain views and a pleasant climate. Hollywood is in Los Angeles and for those of you who don’t know, Hollywood is considered the capital of movies. Aside from moviemaking, the Hollywood sign is the second most important sign in the world, after McDonald’s big yellow “M”.

Growing up I always had, and still have, a fascination for pictures and moving images. I remember watching English shows in Spanish and not understanding the dubbing that was going on in every show. It was interesting and fascinating for me because I could see the actor’s lips moving and the movement wouldn’t match with whatever word they were saying. I was young then, probably around eight or nine years old. I also remember reading about photography and the way cameras work in a book that I found in an old bookshelf at my grandmother’s house. I would sit on the floor by the bookshelf and read in the dark because there wasn’t any light in that room for some reason, and it was so hot I would be sweating while reading. The only natural light in that room was coming in through a tiny window that was so high it almost reached the ceiling. I would put the book back on the shelf when I was done and would come back the next day for more.

Aside from photography, my attraction to movie production came to me when I was a bit older. I started to get into movies and wanted to understand how everything was made on the backend. And that is why I decided to expand my knowledge on the topic and got into Media Studies and Video production in college and university.

The cast of Godzilla arriving at the TLC Chinese Theater. Picture by Maria Tote.

Visiting Paramount Studios in Hollywood was a great opportunity for me to take a closer look into the production of movies and TV shows. I always knew that most of the scenes, in movies specifically, are fake or manipulated. And the fact that I was able to face it, it gave me the chills and an “I knew it” kind of feeling that is hard to explain. I could say it was a relief to know I wasn’t wrong, but at the same time, I was happy because I have discovered their secrets and my dream of visiting a real shooting studio was fulfilled.

I also visited the Walk of Fame, of course. And while I was doing the walk, I couldn’t help but notice that the Hollywood Premier of Godzilla – The King of Monsters was happening on that Saturday evening at the TLC Chinese Theater, next to the Dolby Theater. I forgot about the walk, of course, and just stayed there and watched as the cast of the new Godzilla movie made the carpet walk.

100% a Harry Potter fan. Daniel Radcliffe star at the Walk of Fame. Hollywood, CA.

This was a fantastic trip for me. Short but productive. I will go back to L.A for sure. Either to visit other places or to live there. Who knows? Possibilities are endless.

There is so much to share about this trip, I will most likely be having a part II. So stay tuned! 😊On that note, I will be sharing some videos I made during my trip on my Instagram @maritote and Facebook Page @toteunwined.


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