For the Love of Coffee

Here I am, sipping on my recently brewed cup of coffee thinking about the reasons why I love coffee so much and why I have always preferred coffee over tea. Don’t get me wrong, I like tea too. But I LOVE coffee.

I think my love for coffee progressed along with me growing up. Where I come from, girls would always have to be helpful around the house, and when you get to a certain age, you start to get more responsibilities, such as preparing and serving coffee to whoever came to visit. I didn’t necessarily drink coffee back then, however, I do remember prepping the pot and straining the coffee through a fabric coffee filter and then having to bring it out to guests sitting in the backyard at my grandmother’s place.

05-08-19 cafetera-con-colador
This is what my grandma’s coffee maker looked like. Google images.

For my family, drinking coffee has always been a social activity. I don’t remember seeing anyone in my family having a cup of coffee by themselves. I do remember however, family and friends always sitting around the living room table with a cup of coffee in hand while eating some pan dulce. This would happen at my grandmother’s place almost every other afternoon.

Back then, I wasn’t really into drinking coffee, but I did eat the pan dulce, though. And if I did have coffee, it would be milk and coffee, since I didn’t really enjoy the sourness of black coffee.

Back when I was still in University, I remember having about two to three cups of black coffee a day, sometimes four, depending on the season or the semester. I know it was bad. But it was the University life. No excuse, I like coffee. I would wake up and have a cup at home before going to campus, once I reached campus I would get another one, and that was the one who helped me get to class or to work on assignments. I would then get another one around lunch time, in the afternoon. Does anyone else feel sleepy after a meal? I hope I’m not the only one.

Eventually, I realized that drinking coffee is not just a social activity, but that coffee really is an addiction. We, as adults, have allowed coffee to be a part of our daily routine, until the point that drinking coffee is no longer a social activity, but a drink we can now enjoy by ourselves while going through our Social Media feed or while watching the news in the morning.

To me, coffee is one of those drinks that if I’m having a bad day, coffee can make it better. It does not just bring memories back from my childhood, but it truly is a beverage that can bring a smile to my face. [Wine too, but that is for another day.]

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to enjoy the taste of coffee and to tell the difference in the aroma and the taste of the coffee. Also, if what I’m having is a satisfying or a disgusting cup of coffee.

I’m a proud owner of three different coffee makers, and I am still missing at least two more. I own a regular Black & Decker coffee maker that I use for when I have people over (brews 12 cups).  I have a Moka Pot, that I used for when I want a strong and concentrated espresso (brews 2 cups). And MY FAVORITE, a Nespresso original, which is the one I use daily and that you can see every day on my Instagram stories, along with its Aeroccino, the foam maker.

Now, can I spend a day without drinking coffee? Absolutely. Would I want to? Absolutely no.

And, you? Do you like coffee as much as I do?


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Coffee

  1. I love reading your posts.. and i love looking at your daily picture of breakfast and coffee cup, i feel like i can smell the coffee through the picture lol! It’s the best smell to wake up to definitely. I must have a cup next time I’m over:)

    Also, waiting for the wine post!


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