The weirdest dream …

As I’m waking up this morning, I’m still thinking about my dream. It was almost the weirdest dream I’ve had over my lifetime.

The dream took place in different locations (and I mean countries). There were family, friends, family of friends and aquatic animals involved. I really cannot explain my feelings towards this dream, but anyways, here goes:


It all began when I was swimming at the beach with my family (mom, dad and brother) when suddenly the sky began to turn gray and the water started to move more than usual. The clouds started to get heavy and it looked as if it was about to rain. But it didn’t. I think a seaquake was forming and all the fish were swimming by the shore. [if that’s even possible].

As I was approaching the shore, I kept looking down to the clear water and I saw sharks of all sizes and different kinds of fish that I have only seen on TV. Suddenly, someone behind me screamed: RUN! RUN! And as I looked back, everyone behind me kept running as fast as they could because they were starting to get caught by a big wave, obviously I started to run too. For some reason, there were kind of like a coast police who had formed a human wall. I don’t know when this happened, but while on shore, I saw this human wall created by the police and everyone was out of the water in like a minute.

I don’t know how far we all were from the sea but the water was crazy, the movement of the water reminded me of when there is something liquid on the blender and the blender is on the max speed. Yes, just like that.

Sand Spirals kept dragging people in. 

Unexpectedly, the water calmed down, everyone was excited to get back into the water, however, when people left the human wall [created by the coast police], some kind of sand spiral formed and was dragging people into the sand. And if you tried to help, you were also going to be dragged along with them. It was messed up!

I don’t know why, but I think I woke up at some point during the night, because all of this beach drama happened (or it looked like), the beaches in Venezuela. And suddenly I was in the Philippines.

In a small house in the Philippines, I found one of my friends who had been dragged by this sand current spirals and was trying to take her to her family, when I ran over zombies (?) and obviously they were following us. At some point we lost them and ended up in the streets of Manila where we met real people [humans].

I don’t know how, when, or why, we ended up working as florists and somehow a girl at the flower place recognized me and said: I know who you are, you were all over the news last week, you were the one who survived the sand current and the crazy seaquake by that beach in south America –what are you doing here? To be honest, I got so scared I thought they were going to kill me, or send the zombies or something. But it wasn’t as bad. They just put me on a plane back to Venezuela where I was then reunited with my family. [who had also survived the seaquake].


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