You Know what Really Grinds my Gears…

Apparently after four years in university, I don’t know how to write.

This is about one of my professors. I don’t really pay much attention to this and I could care less.

I honestly just go to class, attend and participate during seminar hours and hand in my assignments in time. Not every professor in university is the same, everyone has their way of teaching and level of expertise in their subject. However, this semester I had to take a class with a professor I have been avoiding since I met him on my first semester of university.

I remember just like it was yesterday, the first time I had class with him. The course was an introduction to Cultural Studies, where they were talking about how music and cultural studies were related to each other and how one complements the other. Anyways, he was just invited as a speaker to talk about music and his experience with it. He is a musician and honestly I don’t remember how many instruments he plays, just that he is focused on Jazz music. I am not going to deny it though, he is a good musician, but when it comes to being a teacher -I am sorry, he should just stay with his instruments. [yes, he kinda sucks]

First of all, he talks really fast and you can’t really understand what he is saying because he really does not open his mouth to speak. He just mumbles. Aside from this, I think he is just living off caffeine [don’t get me wrong, I do too], but he just can’t stand still for a second or even stop talking and that really grinds my gearsyou-know-what-grinds-my-gears-memes (thanks, Peter Griffin). Besides all of this, he does not follow the syllabus and basically talks about whatever he wants during class and seminar time. He also says that our high-school years were full of sh*** because every paper we hand in are not good enough for him and that we don’t know how to write. Yes, it is good that he gives us feedback and does not really care about deadlines or grades, but come on, when am I going to hand out a paper that is good for him?  I really have no time to be doing the same assignment over and over again just because my writing is not good enough for him, do I? Literally, every paper I write is marked with a big RW – which means ‘Rewrite’.

Also, I am not talking about myself specifically. My classmates feel the same way too [I think]. Today, for example, he got to class and said: -I’m not talking about anything today, today I will just be ‘yelling’ at you because clearly all of you are not getting the point of this class. He went on for 40 minutes [and I’m not exaggerating], and started to talk about our way of writing (that is all bs, according to him) and the way we should not be using certain words in our papers. Sure, you can argue that counts as feedback, which in some cases is not bad. But come on, if the whole class is ‘having problems’ with papers, assignments and understanding, is it the student’s fault?

So anyways, today I got back a paper with the words: -please take this to writing skills.

I asked him what does that mean? And he said: well, take this to the writing skills center and they will tell you what is wrong with this paper. I got really angry and upset and told him, so are you telling me I don’t know how to write? I wrote it this way because you asked me to, and its simple writing because you asked me to. And his reply was: just take it to them.

Really? Are you telling me that just a couple of weeks away from graduating I don’t know how to write. Come on.

To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to write about this, but I got really offended and annoyed and thought that writing could help.



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