T.G.I.F…or not ?

Four years ago when I started my university career, I remember anxiously waiting for Friday to come. Every week[end], I would go out on Friday and Saturday (sometimes even Thursday). Those were good years!

I enjoyed going out with friends, enjoyed drinking at someone’s house for even two nights in a row. I am sure I was not the only one though. The first year of university or college for young people is always a way to enjoy freedom [or at least that’s how I look at it from my perspective]. However, once you realized you are not a kid anymore, those party days become shorter and shorter, and at some point they disappear. And by the last year of university/college, you give up a day of partying to stay in bed under covers watching a movie with a cup of tea. Am I wrong?

I am not saying this happens to everybody, I am just relating it to my personal experience!

Today I have friends coming over to my house, (and when I say friendS, I mean two or three of my closest friends- its not a party), we are just going to get some groceries, go to the liquor stkeep-calm-drink-wineore –buy some wine, cook something, just to stay in and enjoy the tranquility of my tiny basement room, watching Spanish [dramatic] soap operas, while laughing at them. For some people, this might sound boring and uninteresting, but that is how ‘upper year’ university students enjoy their Friday night, instead of going out to getting drunk on a sticky-environment on a downtown club.

I might be the grandma of the group, but believe me, at this point, I enjoy going to bed no later than 11pm and waking up before 8am. If I go to bed past midnight, I will be on a bad mood the next day and will most likely be taking a nap for at least two hours in the afternoon. I do enjoy a a warm cup of tea [sometimes wine] before bed, while on Netflix. [no chill included]

All of this to say, I am not really anxious for Fridays or the weekends anymore. Is it really bad to feel this way about Fridays? Or am I just growing old? –Don’t get my wrong, I do enjoy nights out, and if I DO go out, the hangover will last, at least, a couple of days before I can go back to ‘normal’. Unlike the first two years of university when I could drink almost every day of the weekend and not feel a thing.


ps: I know I should not have an excuse, but I didn’t find a time to post yesterday, Thursdays are a bit hectic for me [specially since it is the last day of the week, for me].

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