Thinking above the clouds…[while eating cookies]

“Change not only was inevitable, but usually brought its own rewards.” – Nicholas Spark

As I’m sipping on my tea during this cold[ish] day in Peterborough, I remember looking out the window from my seat en-route Frankfurt-Toronto and thinking about the month of November. There is a reason whIMG_1194.JPGy November is my favorite month, not because it’s my birthday -don’t get me wrong, but because it is the month where you know the year is about to end, and you start figuring out plans for Christmas and New years (if you haven’t already).

Also, it is a month where you can seat back and think about what you’ve accomplished throughout the year, and if nothing, well you still have November (and December) to accomplish something. Even the smallest thing counts.

November is a fun month too. There is literally something happening everyday. Such as, Cookie Monster’ birthday (Nov 2nd), the discovery of Tutankhamen tomb (Nov 4th), GunPowder Treason Day (Nov 5th) [remember, remember the 5th of November], Remembrance day (in Canada) (Nov 11th), Mickey Mouse birthday (Nov 18th), MY birthday (Nov 29th). What other reasons do you need to NOT like November?

Why am I talking about this? – Looking back, I remember making bullet points about the different goals I wanted to accomplish during the year of 2016, though, I don’t think I actually did. I procrastinated [A LOT]. That is why I decided to start writing so that I could accomplish AT LEAST one of these goals, which was to start and to not stop writing on my blog.

Today November 1st, I am making some drastic changes to my daily routine, the most important being- productivity through the day. I put together a schedule highlighting the most important things I NEED and WANT to accomplish during the month. Things like, going to the gym (I also created a different schedule for my workout routine) going to class EVERYDAY, keeping up with my readings and assignments, and of course, writing. *I was thinking about showing a picture of my fabolous schedule, but its handwritten and is kind of a mess* #sorrynotsorry

42a66d37a4e26c3cb685491ea429a8ecI have been up since 5.30am, workout for two hours, came home had breakfast, went to class [four hours], had lunch, had a snack…and as much as I am thinking about taking a nap right now, it just won’t happen. I would leave the house, if necessary, just so I don’t fall asleep. Productivity, remember?


ps: I bet you never knew Cookie Monster had a birthday huh? -me neither



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